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Videos Of The Week

Oh hey, it’s Tuesday morning and I am hung over as hell. We put on a KATIE ELLEN & MOOD CHANGE show on Sunday and ÜBERYOU were in town last night, so my weekly ration of beer and Jameson shots is used up already.
Here are some ace flicks you might want to check out. See you at the KALEB STEWART show on Sunday, right?

Lordz of Brooklyn • Saturday Night Fever
Thanks to KATIE ELLEN’s Anthony for reminding me of this song.

CAPTAIN ASSHOLE • No More Spanish Love Songs
Can’t wait for SPANISH LOVE SONGS‘ response, haha.
Kaleb is on tour at the moment, don’t miss his stop in your hometown
BUNDLES • Lorem Ipsum
Great band, if you prefer early AGAINST ME records, check these guys out!
HEADLINES • Monuments
How amazing is that HEADLINES record, hm?