venereaI don’t know about you, but I’ve seen VENEREA the last time in 2001, when the „Vans Off The Wall“ tour brought them, IGNITE, SNFU and some others to the AJZ in Neumünster. 15 years ago. When I stumpled upon the news VENEREA will release a new record, I thought it would be some sort of reunion-album, but it is not, those 4 swedish dudes were an active band ever since. So, meanwhile you will flick through this interview with VENEREA’s singer and bass-player Mike, I will check out their releases between „shake your booty“ and today….

First music video, you remember watching?
Not sure about the first one, but the first one that made me spend my allowance on a cassette album was TWISTED SISTER; either We’re Not Gonna Take It or I Wanna Rock. Perfect kids‘ stuff, and I still love the Stay Hungry record.

Which song makes you want to dance immediately nowadays?
Getting Mighty Crowded by BETTY EVERETT. I only really dance drunk in retro soul clubs.

Which song forces you to switch the radiostations?
Two Princes, still.

Which artist did you discover in 2016?
I’m discovering JEFFREY LEWIS at the moment. Great New York stories in the Lou Reed/Jim Carroll tradition.

Your favorite song commonly played at sporting events?
„Nu tar vi dom!“ by the Swedish hockey team ’89.

Which song did you guys cover at the very first VENEREA practice?
The band had played covers for a year or so when I joined. My first rehearsal took place in the loft of a barn and went as follows: They played about 30 songs and asked me to keep up with them, after which we had about 10 beers each, then back to the barn to see if I could still play them. I passed the audition. I remember playing a lot of HARD-ONS songs: You’re A Tease, Growing Old, Keish’s New Song, Fifteen, Coffs Harbour Blues, Girl In The Sweater, Richsrag, Wait Around, Don’t Wanna See You Cry…A bunch by BAD RELIGION: Part III, Along The Way, 1000 More Fools, Give You Nothing, Best For You, Sanity. Alcohol & Let’s Drink Some Beer by GANG GREEN. Blitzkrieg Bop & Pet Sematary by THE RAMONES. Last Caress & Bullet by THE MISFITS. Alternative Ulster by STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Pretty Vacant by the SEX PISTOLS. Dead Cities by THE EXPLOITED. Too Drunk To Fuck by the DEAD KENNEDYS. I Don’t Wanna Be A Homosexual by SLOPPY SECONDS. I forget the others.

Favorite song about your hometown (or state)?
I don’t know any about Falkenberg. Tylö Sun is a cover of California Sun by GYLLENE TIDER featuring PER GESSLE of ROXETTE fame. He’s my former babysitter & the song’s about a beach where I spent my summers, growing up.

If you could join a boygroup, which one would it be?

Which song is sadly-unknown and should be played everywhere instead?
ELIVS COSTELLO’s „Burnt Sugar (Is So Bitter)“ has never been recorded to my knowledge. Great tune.
Since there are also no footage of the song available, here is another video by Elvis Costello:

To your profound embarrassment which cheesy song do you actually enjoy, every time you hear it?
Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

love is still a battlefield of wounded hearts <3