upfornothing2Before heading off to UP FOR NOTHING’s trip through Europe, Justin was kind enough to answer a few important questions.

Which song was the first one you listened to today?

What’s your favorite song about your hometown New York City?

If you could be a classic rock artist who would you be?
One of my all time favorite!

Which song forces you to switch the radio Station?
This one!

First concert you attended?
GREEN DAY and THE RIVERDALES in November of 1995. I was 8 years old…. haha

Artist you’d love to do a split7″ with?
This band rules! So does this new record.

Which song is representative for your teenage days?
„People and money came and went but the only things that stayed the same were the feelings he felt when those records played.“ So goooood!

To your profound embarrassment which cheesy song do you actually enjoy, every time you hear it?
This one is actually my karaoke song! I sing it every time! Hahaha

Last one, song with your favorite lyrics?
I have some of these lyrics tattooed on my arm for a great friend of mine that passed away some years back. These words hit me hard.

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