THE DECLINE’s singer Pat shared some insights about his band before getting on an airplane to escape the pesky Australian winter and to promote the long overdue release of the vinylversion of their „Are You Gonna Eat That? on a tour throughout Europe.

Which song was #1 in the Australian billboard charts the day the very first THE DECLINE show took place?
Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie….. hahaha!

What’s your favorite song about being hung over?
Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (TGIF) orrrrrrr Violets – Hangover (awesome Spanish punk band)

Best band name you’ve ever heard of?
Betty White Tit Fuck

What’s your favorite PRINCE song?
Nothing Compares to You (which he wrote for Sinead O’Connor)

Which song is sadly-unknown and should be played everywhere instead?
FAIM – When It Rains

Favorite 80s movie soundtrack?

What band will you forever associate with the year 2016?
HOP ALONG…. A friend showed me at an Xmas BBQ and I got really into it later when my friends in PEARS kept playing them in the van! Or I guess, second answer would be PEARS, 2016 was the year I toured in PEARS.

Your favorite Fat Wreck Chords release?

Last one, song with your favorite lyrics?
Sorry for cheating and naming 3!

No clue, who the heck THE DECLINE are? These guys:

…and they are on tour right now. So why don’t you come to one of these shows and say hi: