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    Hands down, if there was any „Record of the first quarter of the year“ – award RESOLUTIONS‘ „weightless“ would be the titel candidate for sure. Keep your eyes open, they are on tour right now to promote this gem, maybe in a venue near you. In the meantime learn some insights about those guys: Which […]

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  • DOWNPOUR fanzine #004

    to be released in may 2016 Interviews with PALMS COPYRIGHTS GNARWOLVES OLD FLINGS RESOLUTIONS MODERN SAINTS HELL & BACK KID CISCO + BARCELONA travel report + IRISH HANDCUFFS us-tourdiary + reviews, columns, drunken rants… + FRIEND OR PHO – 7″ compilation with unreleased songs by IRISH HANDCUFFS MODERN SAINTS KID CISCO HELL & BACK pre-order […]