SPANISH LOVE SONGS‘ must-sees at the BOOZE CRUISE festival

We asked some bands that aren’t playing the BOOZE CRUISE this year, which bands you shouldn’t miss if you will be in town for the BOOZE CRUISE fest this year.

Here are the picks of Dylan / SPANISH LOVE SONGS.


(Thursday, 20:30 hrs, MS Claudia & Thursday, 23 hrs, Goldener Salon)
They are super chill, super rad dudes, we never toured with them but they toured with friends of us and they told me PKEWx3 were the nicest guys – Also their music is really good. Them on a boat and some weed is all I want for a Thursday night.

(Thursday, 23 hrs, Gun Club & Friday, 20:30 hrs, Goldener Salon)
I would definitely see DOE. They are fucking heavy! We played with them in Belgium 1 1/2 years ago. They were so good. They hit you where it hurts.

(Saturday, 17 hrs, Hafenklang + Saturday, 21:10 hrs, MS Kleine Freiheit)
The homies in MAKEWAR! You definitely should see them if you want some singalong-punkrock. Also track down Jose (their singer) afterwards. He probably will be super drunk and he is a very fun person to be drunk with. But watch out he gives a lot of sweaty hugs!

(Saturday, 20:30 hrs, Hafenklang)
KAMIKAZE GIRLS forever! They are our friends. They are the best, nicest people. Also supremely heavy just like DOE. Lucinda will destroy you with her wall of guitar. So great! Take earplugs with you though. They are very loud.

(Saturday, 22:45 hrs, Komet)
We played around them at FEST and I was so drunk. I couldn’t tell you a song of theirs, but it was good and also they are super Scottish with a very strong accent.

(Thursday, 22:15 hrs, Gun Club)
We were supposed to play with them last week. So I would check them out just because I didn’t get to!

(Saturday, 20 hrs, Komet)
Just because it is a great name!

(Friday, 22:30h, Überquell)
I hope that is a a „THE LEAGUE“ reference. They are a Danish band and if they watch an American TV show about fantasy football that would be super wild!

(Friday, 22:15h, Goldener Salon)
A really cool band out of the UK. They just released a record on our old label WIRETAP Records. A really amazing album. They remind me of old ALKALINE TRIO. Really good and I hope we will play them the, when we are in the UK.

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