Hands down, if there was any „Record of the first quarter of the year“ – award RESOLUTIONS‘ „weightless“ would be the titel candidate for sure. Keep your eyes open, they are on tour right now to promote this gem, maybe in a venue near you.
In the meantime learn some insights about those guys:

Which song was #1 in the German billboard charts the day the very first RESOLUTIONS show took place?
AVICII – Wake Me Up
It was #1 for 11 weeks, unbelievable! My ears are bleeding listening to this again, i was happy that i forgot this song already. Thanks for forcing me to listen to this one again, haha!

Favorite record in your dad’s recordcollection?
Besides a few ROLLING STONES, CCR and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN records this is a cool one. DAVE CLARK FIVE’s „Glad All Over“ came out in 1964. im my opinion the better version of the Beatles. ask your dad about it!

Which song is representative for your teenage days?
I discovered NOFX around 1995 and when i was 12. they got me into punkrock. i’m still a huge fan and own quite everything they put out. who else do you know that owns the same nofx 7″ about 15 times!

Your favorite record with an awful recordcover?
In my top 5 of all time favorite records, but probably the only one with a bad record cover.

Favorite music-video of all time?
This comes pretty close.

First punk record you purchased?
I remember buying this for a couple deutsche mark back in 1997.

That record, that you’d put on at a first date?
Probably maybe this one, easy track to hang out to.

Which song forces you to switch to another radio station?
A bunch of songs force me to turn off the radio at all. the list would be long.

To your profound embarrassment which cheesy song do you actually enjoy, every time you hear it?
Let’s go to a 90’s party and find out.

Check out RESOLUTIONS‘ music-video

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