According to the results of our poll 2016, the demo of LIFEWENTPEAR was one of the favorite demo tapes among our readers – Glad it is not only me who is totally into their 6 songs. 
Here is a short interview with those boys about their opinion about Phil Collins and stuff.


Which song did you guys cover at the very first LIFEWENTPEAR practice?


First record ever bought?


Which song sums up your last vacation pretty good?


Favorite band from your area?


Which song can you sing along drunk, without actually knowing the lyrics?


Which song forces you to switch the radio station?


Your favorite PHIL COLLINS song?


Which song is representative for your teenage days?


To your profound embarrassment which cheesy song do you actually enjoy, every time you hear it?


If you were asked to a join a 90s boy group, in which one would you probably end up?


If you don’t know LIFEWENTPEAR already, give their demo a listen right here:


The LIFEWENTPEAR pic up there was borrowed from Bierschinken.net

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