If you have -like us- a blank spot in your heart, that PUNCH left behind after their split, GOUGE AWAY might be a band worth checking out for you!
And if you thought, you were the only one, listening to The Spice Girls and SHEER MAG alike, don’t worry, you’re not, GOUGE AWAY‚s singer Christina is with you. 

Favorite music video of all time?
I’m a product of the 90’s so you know I have to do this.

Best band name you’ve ever heard of?

Favorite band from your hometown/area?
INSIGNIFICANT OTHER – One of the most talent, if not the most talented, people I know.

The first concert you attended?
DESTINY’S CHILD & Christina Aguilera when I was in elementary school!

Artist you’d love to do a split7” with?
A girl can dream, right?

Which song is representative for your teenage days?
Finding this band when I was a kid changed my life.

Which song makes you want to dance immediately nowadays?
If you can stand still while listening to this song, you have some sort of gift.

This song was #1 on the billboard charts on the day, the first GOUGE AWAY show took place?
The Harlem Shake!

To your profound embarrassment which cheesy song do you actually enjoy, every time you hear it?
Not embarrassed at all, and I’ve watched this video so many times that I know the dance!

Last one, the song with your favorite lyrics?
I fell in love with the lyric, “Can we be the soil if this song is the seed?” I always wanted to live in a house that made house shows happen and when we started to have them, I named it Seed House after this line.

GOUGE AWAY live at FEST 15: 

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