Can’t wait for the upcoming CRUSADES record any longer? Me either.  To shorten that waiting time we caught up with CRUSADES‘ Dave to discuss his favorite songs, videos and his teenage days. 

The first time you ever stage dived, this song / this band was playing?

Favorite music video of all times?

That day, the first CRUSADES show took place, this song was #1 of the billboard charts?

That song is representative for your teenage days?

That classic hardcore/punk band, you actually have never heard a single song from?

Which song makes you want to dance immediately nowadays?

Oddly enough CRUSADES got compared to this band once?

Which song can you sing along drunk, without actually knowing the lyrics?

To your profound embarrassment which cheesy song do you actually enjoy, every time you hear it?

Last one, song with your favorite lyrics?


and most of Jackson Browne’s „For Everyman“ LP and almost anything by Greg Bennick, Damien Moyal, Jared Warren, Lauren Denitzio, Todd Kowalski, Chris Hannah, Aaron Bedard, Brian D, etc, etc, etc.


Crusades will release their forthcoming album „This is a Sickness and Sickness Will End“ on March 7th jointly through ANXIOUS & ANGRY (USA) and COUNTLESS ALTARS (Canada/Europe). Countless Altars is Dave Williams of Crusades’ newly launched label. Crusades will embark on a European tour this spring in support of the release.


April 28th: Rheine, Germany @ Trinkhalle
May 1st: Brighton, UK @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
May 2nd: Durham, UK @ Empty House HQ
May 3rd: Sheffield, UK @ The Lug Hole
May 4th: London, UK @ DIYSpace
May 5th: Antwerp, Belgium @ Music City
May 7th: Mannheim, Germany @ Jugendzentrum
May 8th: Munich, Germany @ Kafe Kult
May 9th: Budapest, Hungary @ Dürer Pince
May 10th: Brno, Czech @ Kabinet Muz
May 11th: Berlin, Germany @ TBA
May 12th: Hamburg, Germany @ Störte
May 13th: Verden, Germany @ Juz

pic up there was shot by Nicole C. Kilbert at PRE-FEST in Tampa back in 2013, find more pics from that show right here

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