DOWPOUR Fanzine #006 out now (almost)

Can we start again, go back….!? Back in the day we did a zine, the release party of our last issue in 2016 morphed into a festival you guys all know. Since there are no shows, there is a zine again. <3⁠

The next issue is available for pre-orders now. ⁠

But there is more: ⁠
The first 100 orders will include a hand numbered ALL ABOARD! promo tape with one song taken from their upcoming record, one acoustic version of an old song + two cover songs. ⁠⁠

And there is even more: ⁠
SEA PUNKS‘ boat „Rise Above“ is almost ready to head into its first sea rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea. You can support them by purchasing our SEA PUNKS x ALL ABOARD! shirt.

MARTHA’s „love keeps kicking“ • track by track review

Thanks to Kevin at fleetunion we got our hands on an advance copy of the new MARTHA record – yes, I know, freakin‘ exciting, BUT if you saw them live last year you got treated to some of the tunes as well (I am quite sure we got to hear into this in Kiel). So go see them live in April or at the BOOZE CRUISE Festival this year before you miss any more exciting stuff.

Back to the new record, so I sat down and tried to write something down to very single song. It’s not necessarily an exact description of the music you get to hear. Sometimes I tried that, sometimes it’s a thought or an idea that I got from listening and sometimes it’s just personal things and stories that might give you an expression of the song – anyway, enjoy … 

heart is healing
First single plus first video from this record, so you should have heard this one already. It features the kind of country flavored guitar that was promised by MARTHA  in the never released interview from 2018. Nice one!

MARTHA • Heart Is Healing

sight for sore eyes
My personal favorite this one – sort of a most welcome flash back to the courting strong album with the tempo picking up and then the many voices singing – perfect. Country? I don’t know … 

into this 
Third single? I think so … The beginning of this song sounds like a choir in a big stadium – are they going into arena rock territory? Naomi taking main vocal duties on this one and sounding  different from the blisters and courting albums – sort of like more fragile and more confident at the same time if that makes any sense. Nice ooo’s as background vocals and then the absolutely massive chorus sets in. I can picture the terraces at Sunderland singing this to taunt the opposing teams fans … or to complain to their own.

MARTHA • Into This

wrestlemania VIII
Best song title of the album without a doubt – fast, tempo, nice breaks a lots of oooo’s again. Country? Not on this one – guitars go into full solo mode and the bass is particularly nice so the only question remaining goes back to the title – video game or the real wrestlemania? Name checking Rowdy Roddy Piper gives this one extra points in my book.

mini was a pre-teen arsonist
I am not quite sure what this song is about. Yes, I get the general drift: pre-teen rebel. Locked up for being different, but why Mini? And is this story real or made up? Features once again vocal harmonies to die for – how do they do it? Country? I think I can hear a slide guitar in the back and is that a bottle neck? There is also an acoustic guitar which makes me think this one might actually morph ONSIND and MARTHA.

love keeps kicking
Second single and you should already be singing this one under your breath. Another acoustic guitar, oooo’s as well, but somehow this one is not my favorite one – a little too sweet, a little slow … funny video though.

MARTHA • Love Keeps Kicking

brutalism by the river (arrhythmia)
Nathan finally singing, uptempo and definitely no country in sight. Brutalism? Wasn’t there a MARTHA shirt with a brutalism theme? First time I heard of the shirt coming before the song – nice one. Where’s Maple Avenue? Second part features … a keyboard? Oh noooo … but then the oh, oh, oh’s fit together perfectly with the background singing and I don’t care about the keyboard anymore … which turns out to be an organ in the end – phew, close one.

orange juice
Nathan going at it again, slow start and then the vocal harmonies set in and I’m totally sold. Bitter sweet lyrics to top it off – JOHN K. SAMSON would be proud of them telling a whole novel in just a few lines. Country? Sort of a little …

the void
Fourth single and as far as I can see everybody seems to love this one. And besides the lyrical content (sci-fi mini epic about the impending doom) the music is exceptionally good: fast intro, minor chords (at least some), the guitar line is a little rougher, all a little darker than usual – sort of a darker 80’ies indie song, if you know what I mean. Naomi and JC (I think) singing together in a fascinating way, oooo’s again and no country on this one – another perfect one.

MARTHA • The Void

Lucy shone a light on you
Feedback as an intro … but then it’s not a feedback drenched 90’ies indie-song that follows (as I expected) but … start and stop guitars and I am reminded of the more rockish song from the blisters album. Country? Nope.

the only letter that you kept
Balladesque beginning, some guitars added, no drums (keyboards this time around?) – Naomi’s singing is juxtaposed with vocals in a very low key in the second half of the song and these vocals get louder as the song progresses and the music fades – very gripping effect … oh yeah, it’s the organ again …

I score this album 10:1 – another sure shot for these four sweet hearts. I have to admit I got very little of the lyrics but I am sure they are another plus. Love keeps kicking is different from the other two albums in all the right ways – everyone seems to add new things and new ideas while the songs and the record stay a MARTHA album – brilliant!

P.S.: Order all six different vinyl versions from the UK and the US if you wanna keep up with my current fanboy status … 
Big Scary Monsters (UK)
Dirtnap (USA)

P.P.S.: Tourdates:
07.04. BEL – Antwerpen, Trix 
08.04. GER – Bochum, Rotunde 
09.04. GER – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof 
10.04. GER – Köln, Sonic Ballroom 
11.04. GER – Jena, Kassablanca 
12.04. CZ – Prag, klub 007 Strahov 
13.04. GER  – Regensburg, Heimspiel Festival / Alte Mälzerei 
14.04. FRA – Lille, CCL 
09.06 GER –  Hamburg, Booze Cruise Festival

SPANISH LOVE SONGS‘ must-sees at the BOOZE CRUISE festival

We asked some bands that aren’t playing the BOOZE CRUISE this year, which bands you shouldn’t miss if you will be in town for the BOOZE CRUISE fest this year.

Here are the picks of Dylan / SPANISH LOVE SONGS.


(Thursday, 20:30 hrs, MS Claudia & Thursday, 23 hrs, Goldener Salon)
They are super chill, super rad dudes, we never toured with them but they toured with friends of us and they told me PKEWx3 were the nicest guys – Also their music is really good. Them on a boat and some weed is all I want for a Thursday night.

(Thursday, 23 hrs, Gun Club & Friday, 20:30 hrs, Goldener Salon)
I would definitely see DOE. They are fucking heavy! We played with them in Belgium 1 1/2 years ago. They were so good. They hit you where it hurts.

(Saturday, 17 hrs, Hafenklang + Saturday, 21:10 hrs, MS Kleine Freiheit)
The homies in MAKEWAR! You definitely should see them if you want some singalong-punkrock. Also track down Jose (their singer) afterwards. He probably will be super drunk and he is a very fun person to be drunk with. But watch out he gives a lot of sweaty hugs!

(Saturday, 20:30 hrs, Hafenklang)
KAMIKAZE GIRLS forever! They are our friends. They are the best, nicest people. Also supremely heavy just like DOE. Lucinda will destroy you with her wall of guitar. So great! Take earplugs with you though. They are very loud.

(Saturday, 22:45 hrs, Komet)
We played around them at FEST and I was so drunk. I couldn’t tell you a song of theirs, but it was good and also they are super Scottish with a very strong accent.

(Thursday, 22:15 hrs, Gun Club)
We were supposed to play with them last week. So I would check them out just because I didn’t get to!

(Saturday, 20 hrs, Komet)
Just because it is a great name!

(Friday, 22:30h, Überquell)
I hope that is a a „THE LEAGUE“ reference. They are a Danish band and if they watch an American TV show about fantasy football that would be super wild!

(Friday, 22:15h, Goldener Salon)
A really cool band out of the UK. They just released a record on our old label WIRETAP Records. A really amazing album. They remind me of old ALKALINE TRIO. Really good and I hope we will play them the, when we are in the UK.

THE RUN UP’s must-sees at the BOOZE CRUISE festival

We asked some bands that aren’t playing the BOOZE CRUISE this year, which bands you shouldn’t miss if you will be in town for the BOOZE CRUISE fest this year.
Here are THE RUN UP’s picks.


(Saturday, 23.30 hrs, Überquell)
Best band. Best humans. More booze. More fun. Less sleep.

(Saturday, 19 hrs, MS Kleine Freiheit & Saturday, 22:45 hrs, Überquell)
Pretty much every song melts my heart.

(Thursday, 20:30 hrs, MS Claudia + Thursday, 23 hrs, Goldener Salon)
Name me a more appropriate band for Booze Cruise. I’ll wait.

(Saturday, 18 hrs, Hafenklang)
OK, OK. Along with Pkew Pkew Pkew, name me a more appropriate duo. I’ll wait.

(Saturday, 18:30 hrs, Washington Bar)
Erm, I’ve kind of used all shit jokes about appropriate bands. I’ll wait.


Traditionally every year at FEST I fall in love with a band, I have never heard of before. 2016th addition to that list: BONG MOUNTAIN. Check them out, if you haven’t yet: Horrible name, amazing songs, great show, best record artwork I have seen in a long, long time. What is not to love about this band!?

We interviewed BONG MOUNTAIN’s Chris, Matt and Alex about their favorite videos, first stagedives, cheesy love songs…expect some unexpected answers 🙂


The first time you ever stagedived, this song / this band was playing?

Chris – LA DISPUTE covering Graduate by Third Eye Blind at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, MI.

Matt – During RX BANDITS, the first show I ever went to, at Freedom Hill in Pontiac, MI. The staff yelled at me.

Adum – I have never stagedived.


Favorite music video ever?

Matt –

Alex –

Chris –


That day, the first BONG MOUNTAIN show took place, this song was #1 in the billboard charts?

Adum – Our first show was with ASTPAI and TYPESETTER, topping the charts that day was Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass.


That song is representative for your teenage days?

Matt –

Alex –

Adum –

Chris –


That classic hardcore/punk band, you actually have never heard a single song from?

Adum, Alex, and Matt – we’ve never heard MINOR THREAT, CIRCLE JERKS, or CRASS


Best song-title you’ve ever heard of?

Alex –

Chris –

Matt – The entire Chicago Bowls EP by DIKEMBE:
Scottie Spliffen
Luc Bongley
Michael Jordank
Tony Kukush

Adum – I Used to Like Them When They Put ‚Cobra‘ in the Titles – COBRA SKULLS


Oddly enough BONG MOUNTAIN got compared to this band once?
Adum – BAD RELIGION. I like Bad Religion ok, but I don’t think we sound anything like Bad Religion.


To your profound embarrassment which cheesy song do you actually enjoy, every time you hear it?

Matt –

Alex –

Chris – That Gwen Stefani song about bananas


Last one, song with your favorite lyrics?

Matt – Any DILLINGER FOUR. – „Like Sprewells on a wheelchair“ is what sticks out right now.

Alex – CAIN MARKO – Kitchen Knife

Chris – L.A. DISPUTE – Harder Harmonies


Who in their right mind would call their band BONG MOUNTAIN? Those boys right here:

Tonight in Frankfury

Was ist das für 1 Lineup?
Unsere letzte Show für das Jahr 2016….

New York City.
Gunner Records.

Fort Collins, Colorado.
Gunner Records.
ARLISS NANCYs Sänger Cory Call auf Solopfaden.

Hectic Society Records.

Last Exit Music.

Einlass: 21.00
Beginn: ca. 22:00
Kein VVK

Cafe ExZess
Leipziger Straße 91
Frankfury – Bockenheim



Guess what, the sweet peeps in MAKE WAR and CORY CALL of ARLISS NANCY are on tour over here as we speak.
See you tonight in Hamburg.

14.11.16 DE-Hamburg, Gängeviertel
15.11.16 DE-Bielefeld, Plan B
16.11.16 DE-Kiel, Hansa48
17.11.16 NEED HELP
18.11.16 DE-Leipzig, Kulturcafe Manfred
19.11.16 DE-München, Kafe Marat
20.11.16 DE-Freiburg, KTS
22.11.16 CH-Zürich, Hafenkneipe
23.11.16 CH-Rorschach, Treppenhaus
24.11.16 DE-Aulendorf, irReal
25.11.16 DE-Landshut, Jugendzentrum Poschingervilla
26.11.16 DE-Würzburg, Immerhin
27.11.16 DE-Lennestadt, OT Grevenbrück
28.11.16 BE-Namur, Le Temple
30.11.16 UK-London, DIY space for London
01.12.16 UK-Stafford, The Cellar Bar Stafford
02.12.16 UK-Dundee, BYAFEST
03.12.16 UK-Leeds, The Fox & Newt
04.12.16 UK-Worcester, The Marrs Bar
05.12.16 UK-Bristol, Mother’s Ruin
06.12.16 FR-Montaigu, Le Zinor
07.12.16 FR-Amiens, Bar Le Lys d’or
08.12.16 DE-Köln, Limes
09.12.16 DE-Saarbrücken, JUZ
10.12.16 DE-Frankfurt, Cafe ExZess
By the way, we set up the show in Frankfurt. It will be a coverfestival. Further details? This way:

WOLVESX4 on tour through europe


The fine peeps of WOLVES & WOLVES & WOLVES & WOLVES are coming to eurepe once again.
We will be at the shows in Bremen and Hamburg – And you?

17.09.2016 DE-Bremen, Tower Musikclub „10 Years Gunner Records – Label Birthday“
18.09.2016 UK-Bristol, The Mothers’ Ruin

19.09.2016 UK-London, Windmill Brixton
20.09.2016 UK-Leamington Spa, Althorpe Studios
21.09.2016 UK-Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
22.09.2016 DE-Aalen, Frapé Aalen *acoustic*
23.09.2016 DE-Mönchengladbach, Kultube
24.09.2016 DE-Neunkirchen, Stummsche Reithalle
25.09.2016 DE-Ibbenbüren, JKZ Scheune

26.09.2013 DE-Göttingen, Dots
27.09.2016 DE-Krefeld, Magnapop
28.09.2016 DE-Zittau, Emil
29.09.2016 CZ-Prag, Café na půl cesty
30.09.2016 DE-Oettingen, Goldene Gans
01.10.2016 AT-Wiener Neustadt, Triebwerk
02.10.2016 DE-München, Feierwerk

03.10.2016 DE-Lindenberg, JuHa Alter Bahnhof
04.10.2016 – looking for a show
05.10.2016 – looking for a show
06.10.2016 DE-Dresden, Katy’s Garage
07.10.2016 DE-Leipzig, TBA
08.10.2016 DE-Braunschweig, B58
09.10.2016 DE-Kiel, Hansa48 *acoustic*

10.10.2016 DE-Hamburg, Astrastube
11.10.2016 DE-Bielefeld, Plan B
12.10.2016 DE-Oberhausen, Druckluft
13.10.2016 DE-Osnabrück, Substanz
14.10.2016 DE-Rostock, Peter-Weiss-Haus
15.10.2016 DE-Hannover, LKA Fröbelstraße



DOWNPOUR fanzine #004 out now!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

DOWNPOUR fanzine no. 004 out now – actually a couple of days already, but we have been too busy packing pre-orders to let you know any earlier. 😉

Inside the zine:
Interviews with
BARCELONA travel report
IRISH HANDCUFFS us-tourdiary
Bowling with KID CISCO
vs. ALL ABOARD – mixtape battle
+ reviews, columns, drunken rants…

92 pages / German language (there will be an English version soonish)

+ FRIEND OR PHO – 7″ compilation
with unreleased songs by

Get your copy right here:

TEEN AGERS‘ tour starts tonight.


We proudly present TEEN AGERS from Orlando, Florida back in Europe. Their tour kicks off tonight, make sure you come out to one of these shows:

21.04.2016 – Regensburg (GER) @ Das Büro w/ Resolutions
22.04.2016 – Linz (AT) @ KAPU w/ Resolutions
23.04.2016 – Ostrava (CZ) @ Music Bar Lira w/ Resolutions
24.04.2016 – Zittau (GER) @ EMIL w/ Resolutions
25.04.2016 – Berlin (GER) @ Schokoladen w/ NO FUN, Homestayer
26.04.2016 – free for booking (GER)
27.04.2016 – Münster (GER) @ Lorenz-Süd w/ ASTPAI
28.04.2016 – Hannover (GER) @ Monster Records
29.04.2016 – Fürth (GER) @ Kopf und Kragen w/ Astpai
30.04.2016 – Meerhout (BEL) @ GROEZROCK
01.05.2016 – Aachen (GER) @ AZ
02.05.2016 – Frankfurt (GER) @ ExZess w/ PEARS 🙂

03.05.2016 – Germersheim (GER) @ tba
04.05.2016 – Freiburg (GER) @ KTS
05.05.2016 – Salavaux (CH) @ Le Trou
06.05.2016 – Zürich (CH) @ Dynamo Zürich
07.05.2016 – Zürich (CH) @ Obenuse Fest w/ Resolutions
08.05.2016 – Würzburg (GER) @ Immerhin Würzburg w/ Resolutions