Traditionally every year at FEST I fall in love with a band, I have never heard of before. 2016th addition to that list: BONG MOUNTAIN. Check them out, if you haven’t yet: Horrible name, amazing songs, great show, best record artwork I have seen in a long, long time. What is not to love about this band!?

We interviewed BONG MOUNTAIN’s Chris, Matt and Alex about their favorite videos, first stagedives, cheesy love songs…expect some unexpected answers 🙂


The first time you ever stagedived, this song / this band was playing?

Chris – LA DISPUTE covering Graduate by Third Eye Blind at The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, MI.

Matt – During RX BANDITS, the first show I ever went to, at Freedom Hill in Pontiac, MI. The staff yelled at me.

Adum – I have never stagedived.


Favorite music video ever?

Matt –

Alex –

Chris –


That day, the first BONG MOUNTAIN show took place, this song was #1 in the billboard charts?

Adum – Our first show was with ASTPAI and TYPESETTER, topping the charts that day was Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass.


That song is representative for your teenage days?

Matt –

Alex –

Adum –

Chris –


That classic hardcore/punk band, you actually have never heard a single song from?

Adum, Alex, and Matt – we’ve never heard MINOR THREAT, CIRCLE JERKS, or CRASS


Best song-title you’ve ever heard of?

Alex –

Chris –

Matt – The entire Chicago Bowls EP by DIKEMBE:
Scottie Spliffen
Luc Bongley
Michael Jordank
Tony Kukush

Adum – I Used to Like Them When They Put ‚Cobra‘ in the Titles – COBRA SKULLS


Oddly enough BONG MOUNTAIN got compared to this band once?
Adum – BAD RELIGION. I like Bad Religion ok, but I don’t think we sound anything like Bad Religion.


To your profound embarrassment which cheesy song do you actually enjoy, every time you hear it?

Matt –

Alex –

Chris – That Gwen Stefani song about bananas


Last one, song with your favorite lyrics?

Matt – Any DILLINGER FOUR. – „Like Sprewells on a wheelchair“ is what sticks out right now.

Alex – CAIN MARKO – Kitchen Knife

Chris – L.A. DISPUTE – Harder Harmonies


Who in their right mind would call their band BONG MOUNTAIN? Those boys right here:

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