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  • Q&A with VENEREA


    I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen VENEREA the last time in 2001, when the „Vans Off The Wall“ tour brought them, IGNITE, SNFU and some others to the AJZ in Neumünster. 15 years ago. When I stumpled upon the news VENEREA will release a new record, I thought it would be some sort of reunion-album, […]

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    MUNCIE GIRLS’ drummer Luke sat down and answered some of our pesky questions. Keep on reading, if you wanna know, which euro-dance group he’d join or which NYHC band he has never ever listened to. Favourite music video ever?   That day, the first MUNCIE GIRLS show took place, this song was #1 of the […]

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  • Free Tickets for a MOBINA GALORE Show?!


    Win two free tickets for a Mobina Galore show near you. All you have to do is to drop us a line to mail@downpourfanzine.de. Easy, huh?! The winner will be informed on tuesday, 4/19. Here are the remaining tourdates, by the way: 19.04.2016 BE-Berchem, JH Eglanter 20.04.2016 DE-Köln, Privat 21.04.2016 NL-Rotterdam, Tocado 22.04.2016 DE-Oberhausen, Druckluft […]

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    Hands down, if there was any „Record of the first quarter of the year“ – award RESOLUTIONS‘ „weightless“ would be the titel candidate for sure. Keep your eyes open, they are on tour right now to promote this gem, maybe in a venue near you. In the meantime learn some insights about those guys: Which […]

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  • Q&A with LIRR.


    The peeps of LIRR just released a great 2-song 12″ via Through Love Records. If you wanna know about their favourite BON JOVI tunes and which song gets them out of bed each morning, read on…. Which song sums up your last weekend pretty good? The first time you ever stage dived, this band was […]