WOLVESX4 on tour through europe



The fine peeps of WOLVES & WOLVES & WOLVES & WOLVES are coming to eurepe once again.
We will be at the shows in Bremen and Hamburg – And you?

17.09.2016 DE-Bremen, Tower Musikclub „10 Years Gunner Records – Label Birthday“
18.09.2016 UK-Bristol, The Mothers’ Ruin

19.09.2016 UK-London, Windmill Brixton
20.09.2016 UK-Leamington Spa, Althorpe Studios
21.09.2016 UK-Brighton, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
22.09.2016 DE-Aalen, Frapé Aalen *acoustic*
23.09.2016 DE-Mönchengladbach, Kultube
24.09.2016 DE-Neunkirchen, Stummsche Reithalle
25.09.2016 DE-Ibbenbüren, JKZ Scheune

26.09.2013 DE-Göttingen, Dots
27.09.2016 DE-Krefeld, Magnapop
28.09.2016 DE-Zittau, Emil
29.09.2016 CZ-Prag, Café na půl cesty
30.09.2016 DE-Oettingen, Goldene Gans
01.10.2016 AT-Wiener Neustadt, Triebwerk
02.10.2016 DE-München, Feierwerk

03.10.2016 DE-Lindenberg, JuHa Alter Bahnhof
04.10.2016 – looking for a show
05.10.2016 – looking for a show
06.10.2016 DE-Dresden, Katy’s Garage
07.10.2016 DE-Leipzig, TBA
08.10.2016 DE-Braunschweig, B58
09.10.2016 DE-Kiel, Hansa48 *acoustic*

10.10.2016 DE-Hamburg, Astrastube
11.10.2016 DE-Bielefeld, Plan B
12.10.2016 DE-Oberhausen, Druckluft
13.10.2016 DE-Osnabrück, Substanz
14.10.2016 DE-Rostock, Peter-Weiss-Haus
15.10.2016 DE-Hannover, LKA Fröbelstraße






THE DECLINE’s singer Pat shared some insights about his band before getting on an airplane to escape the pesky Australian winter and to promote the long overdue release of the vinylversion of their „Are You Gonna Eat That? on a tour throughout Europe.

Which song was #1 in the Australian billboard charts the day the very first THE DECLINE show took place?
Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie….. hahaha!

What’s your favorite song about being hung over?
Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (TGIF) orrrrrrr Violets – Hangover (awesome Spanish punk band)

Best band name you’ve ever heard of?
Betty White Tit Fuck

What’s your favorite PRINCE song?
Nothing Compares to You (which he wrote for Sinead O’Connor)

Which song is sadly-unknown and should be played everywhere instead?
FAIM – When It Rains

Favorite 80s movie soundtrack?

What band will you forever associate with the year 2016?
HOP ALONG…. A friend showed me at an Xmas BBQ and I got really into it later when my friends in PEARS kept playing them in the van! Or I guess, second answer would be PEARS, 2016 was the year I toured in PEARS.

Your favorite Fat Wreck Chords release?

Last one, song with your favorite lyrics?
Sorry for cheating and naming 3!

No clue, who the heck THE DECLINE are? These guys:

…and they are on tour right now. So why don’t you come to one of these shows and say hi:


THE STATIC AGE’s mixtape


Need a soundtrack for your lazy sunday? How about this one: THE STATIC AGE’s singer Andrew compiled this sweet mixtape with tunes by THE THERMALS, GUIDED BY VOICES, COM TRUISE and many others.

Don’t watch this THE STATIC AGE video if you’re drunk (or hungover like in my case right now….) 😉

THE STATIC AGE are currently on tour. Check them out at one of these dates:
July 25, 2016: Berlin, Germany @ Bi Nuu w/ No Fun
July 26, 2016: Mönchengladbach, Germany @ Das Blaue Haus w/ No Fun
July 27, 2016: Neunkirchen, Germany @ Rock Your Holidays Fest w/ No Fun
July 28, 2016: Stuttgart, Germany @ JuHa West w/ No Fun, Hell & Back
July 29, 2016: Simbach am Inn, Germany @ Stray Fest w/ No Fun, Uberyou

Bandpic up there by Dan Lambert at Aswell Productions


Adobe Photoshop PDF

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Ever asked yourself, which songs were covered at the very first BOUNCING SOULS band practise? Ever wondered if there was a connection between their singer Greg and Lionel Ritchie? Stop having thoughts about it, here are some answers to your questions.

Which song sums up your last weekend pretty good?
I’m going to have to go with: „Moon River“ Here is why: Huckleberry season is starting where I live in the mountains in Idaho. The huckleberry is really loved around here because its a wild berry that can’t be domesticated and its really tasty! Last weekend my wife and I went on our first venture in the mountains to see how theyare growing. Its am amazing year. Big huckleberries are everywhere.
Some years they don’t grow so well so you havet to pick while the picking is good. We spent a good amount of the weekend picking berries and stowing them away in the freezer to make treats in the winter. I picked the song, „Moon River“, because it has this lyric: „We’re after the same, rainbow’s end, waiting round the bend, my huckleberry friend, Moon River and me“

What’s your favourite song about your hometown New Jersey?
There are so many great Jersey inspired songs but one of my favorites is „Jersey Girl“ written by Tom Waits. Bruce Springsteen’s version of it is a classic Jersey tune.

Which song can you sing along drunk, without actually knowing the lyrics?

Your favorite song commonly played at sporting events?
The Bouncing Souls song, „Ole“, of course!!!! Our version of „Ole“ is played at all kinds of sporting events but especially NHL hockey games.

Which song forces you to switch the radio station?
There’s plenty of new stuff on the radio that I don’t even know what to call.. I don’t know the names of any of them but I’m always changing the station.. I don’t want to know their names either.

Which song is representative for your teenage days?
It’s hard to sum up my teenage days in one song… Maybe a RAMONES song? Or a song by the Cramps or the REPLACEMENTS? BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN or the VELVET UNDERGROUND. Oh..I’ve got it! How about „It’s a wonderful life“ by FISHBONE. I feel good with that.

Imagine NORAH JONES never released an album – which record would be spinning 24/7 at Starbucks instead?
This is a hard question to answer?? I can’t even think of other artists that get lots of play in Starbucks? I guess I don’t go into to Starbucks enough to give you a good answer.

Which song did you guys cover at the very first BOUNCING SOULS practice?
Bryan and Pete were playing in a cover band called THE SWITCH. The first song I remember singing with them was „I can’t explain“ by THE WHO. I remember getting such a great rush from it and it made me want to learn more songs to sing.

To your profound embarrassment which cheesy song do you actually enjoy, every time you hear it?
I know and sing along to a LOT of super cheesy 70’s hits. My wife makes fun of me about it but they bring me back to riding around in my Dad’s car and listening to the radio when I was a kid. Here’s a goodie: THE CARPENTERS „Close to you“

Last one, song with your favorite lyrics?
Its really hard to pick lyrics from just one song but if I have to pick just one I’m gonna go with a great love song by George Harrison:
What I feel, I can’t say But my love is there for you anytime of day But if it’s not love that you need Then I’ll try my best to make everything succeed. Tell me, What is my life without your love Tell me, Who am I without you, by my side“
Thanks for the interview. It was fun to do something different.

Check out THE BOUNCING SOULS‘ new music video:

ZEKI MIN interviews ANDREW PALEY interviews ZEKI MIN


STATIC AGE’s Andrew Paley and Bremen’s very own Zeki Min will join forces for a tour through German living rooms in early july.
Since both guys will share heaps of time together on the road, it is important to clarify important issues in advance – like the playlist in the car, favourite characters from The Wire, so both guys sat down for a little chat…


Zeki asking Andrew

Right at the beginning a personal one. What was your favorite place when you were kid and why?
The first one that comes to mind is a particular spot in the forest near the house where I grew up. We lived at the end of a dirt road in a tiny rural town in the woods of central Vermont when I was in grade school, and I spent a lot of time at that house alone during the afternoons before my mother would come home from work. I used to wander out into this area of the forest where the underbrush opened up into a clearing surrounded on all sides by dense woods, and there was a whole bed of ferns and moss around a single huge, collapsed tree. The only standing tree in the whole space was a single birch. I used to climb it and sit in the branches and just listen to all of the sounds of the space around me.
Thanks for reminding me about — I hadn’t thought about it in a long time!

You are a constantly traveling musician. But how did it all start with making music for you? Why pick up a guitar and not just listen to music?
My father is a musician as well, and so there were guitars around the house when I was growing up. I played a few other instruments in grade school before I finally picked one up though — piano, for instance. By the time I was maybe 12 or 13, I was focusing on guitar — and I really enjoyed just seeing what sounds I could make. I took lessons very briefly, but I quickly stopped as they were mostly based around learning to play other people’s songs — and I found the process of learning like that generally less interesting than just banging on the thing until I figured it out for myself (though there are a few exceptions there).
So yeah, ultimately, I don’t think making the leap from listening to playing was really a conscious decision — I just picked up a guitar and started making noise one day, and haven’t really stopped since.

Life on the road is often romanticized and not everything is as glamorous as people say. In the last year I sometimes wondered „Why am I even doing this?“. What is it that keeps you going? What is it that makes you leave your home, friends and family?
That’s a great question, and there are a lot of parts to what compels me to play music and tour. One thing — specifically on touring — is that I think it’s a phenomenal adventure, even when things are tough. There’s something incredibly compelling about seeing the world this way — I’ve been to something like 20 countries in the last five years that I never would have gone to without doing this, and I got to actually share some of the things that fell out of my head with people while I was in each of them. Even when tour gets rough — you’re homesick, or the van breaks down, or you end up crashing on a floor for two hours before getting up and getting back in the van and doing it all again — the fact that I’ve gotten to do any of this and see the world this way has been more than worth it.

We will be sharing the van for a tour in july. What will be records you will be putting on if you are sitting in the DJ-seat?
Hm…let’s see. I’m all over the map on my playlists. You can expect TYCHO to PROPAGHANDI to KATE BUSH and a bunch of things in between. We’ll see when we get there next month, but I’ll have some playlists ready!

I really love your solo music but you haven’t put out anything recently. What are your plans on new songs and records?
Thanks a lot. Well, I’ve been busy working on a bunch of things for the past year, including new solo songs, THE STATIC AGE’s next record, and a few other projects here and there. I’ve got a bunch of stuff getting close to being ready, so there will be some announcements later this summer/fall.


Andrew asking Zeki

If you could have someone listen to only one song you wrote, which one would it be? Why?
That’s hard to answer because you always have a very different perspective on your own songs. I’d say „Out In The Wild“. Just because I love this song so much, it’s atmospheric, and it’s special to me.

If you could go back in time, is there anything you would tell yourself on the day you played your first Show?
I’ve started playing solo shows four years ago. When I think back to the first show, not much has changed really, haha. My solo shows are always very improvised and in-the-moment. I don’t think I have any good advice for myself and it’s unlikely I’d be following to it…

What’s your favorite city that you’ve played? If you could play any place (that you haven’t yet), where would it be?
Recently I prefer the smaller cities, or villages and smaller venues. All in all my shows in Magdeburg have been some of the most special to me. Magdeburg Wohnzimmer Shows always have new and crazy venues and I’ve found lots of friends there. I never thought that I’d say that, but I always love to be in Magdeburg. But there are so many places where I found a home from home with beautiful people.
As for places I haven’t been yet, I love to tour other countries. I would love to play shows in Korea and Japan. That would be a dream.

 When we’re touring together, what songs will you be putting on the driving playlist?
Well, I’m more of an album guy. At the moment I listen to the latest JOSH RITTER album a lot. But all of his albums I love. „Oh Fortune“ by Dan Mangan is also one of my favorites. And I would show you the music of my friends, TRAVEL AND TRUNKS, STUMFOL, COMPLAINTS and HENRI PARKER. Plus, to mix in some hip hop, one of the most played albums in my list right now is R.A. The Rugged Man’s „Legends Never Die“.

 You mention that one of your favorite TV shows is The Wire. First off, that’s awesome. But I’m curious: who’s your favorite character?
I like Bunk, Kima and Freamon, but then, who doesn’t like Freamon? However, one of the things I particularly love about the series is that there really are no lovable characters in it. There is no real hero. They all have giant flaws and so the line between good and bad gets blurred, if not completely erased. This is one of the reasons I really dig this show.


03.07.16 GER Krefeld – Houseshow
04.07.16 GER Enkirch – Toms Musikkeller
05.07.16 GER  Mainz – Houseshow
06.07.16 GER Leipzig – Stoned
07.07.16 GER Berlin – Houseshow

DOWNPOUR fanzine #004 out now!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

DOWNPOUR fanzine no. 004 out now – actually a couple of days already, but we have been too busy packing pre-orders to let you know any earlier. 😉

Inside the zine:
Interviews with
BARCELONA travel report
IRISH HANDCUFFS us-tourdiary
Bowling with KID CISCO
vs. ALL ABOARD – mixtape battle
+ reviews, columns, drunken rants…

92 pages / German language (there will be an English version soonish)

+ FRIEND OR PHO – 7″ compilation
with unreleased songs by

Get your copy right here: http://downpourpunks.tictail.com/